Before and After

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Holiday Kitchens, Hickory wood with Hallmark stain, Petersburg full overlay door style with 3” stiles and rails, slab and 5 piece drawer fronts
Granite: Giallo Ornamental

Look at the difference! There is a lot more cabinet storage space by removing the soffits. Changing the design from a peninsula to an island design greatly increases traffic flow. This also added 2 more places to sit and eat.
This update to the hutch area allows for a storage place, yet still has a place for displaying pretty things. Perfect for a phone station. In our showroom we have outlets that have 2 usb ports. You can get them at any hardware or building supply store. This update is more stable and looks more permanent.
You’ll notice that drawers are now used instead of cabinets with shelves. It makes it so easy to see everything. Kind of like a roll out shelf except that with a drawer you have the depth of the drawer to keep everything in.
The corner sink is moved to the center of the island. They decided to go with drawers again where feasible. The waste bin has been put inside a cabinet (to the right of the dishwasher) instead of in the walkway. The desk has been done away with altogether. More and more families are finding this just isn’t a good use of space.

Grabill Cabinets, Maple painted Glacier White, Benchmark full overlay door style,
Cambria Laneshaw

The tile counter-top definitely dates this bathroom, as does the drop in sink and the standard overlay on the cabinets. The layout of the cabinets has also been updated with a cabinet now in the open space. The drawers make everything easier to see and reach with out laying on the floor to access it. I love that square sink!

Holiday Kitchens, Maple painted Nordic White, Seattle full overlay door style with 3″ stiles and rails, 5 piece drawer heads
Cambria Galloway

What a remarkable difference! The shower was torn out, along with the wall you see here, opening up the bathroom.  A separate vanity was placed here, giving more storage space and each person, their own personal area.
See what I mean? This was a very small place to share. The new vanity is the back-saver height, so of course there is more storage space. Having only 1 sink in the cabinet also provides for more storage area, as you don’t have to provide for double the sink space.
The hot tub was pulled out and a nice big, spacious shower was installed! Note the shower step and the top of the half walls are topped with the same material as the counter tops. There is also a seat in the shower made of the same material.

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood with Granite stain, full overlay Winslow door style with 3” stiles & rails,
Cambria Bellingham

Taking out the cabinet over the peninsula and the soffit really opened up this kitchen. Not to mention (as I always do) the added storage space. We didn’t lose that much, as the microwave took up a good portion of the cabinets that are now missing. The range and microwave have been moved to the other side.
What a difference here! The refrigerator has been moved to this wall, giving plenty of area for cold storage. A pantry cabinet was added for much more storage space. The hutch area matches the entire kitchen now.
The range was moved to a different wall, taking the microwave with it, opening this up a lot. This left room for a larger stack of drawers. The dishwasher was moved to this corner, making it easier to use in conjunction with the sink, a necessary element.
The dishwasher is now next to the sink making cleanup so much easier! Each zone of the kitchen triangle should have its own area. When it does, life in the kitchen is so much better!


Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood, Perimeter cabinets are Fog stain & Graphite Wash, Island cabinetry with Stone Brown paint, Winslow door style with 3” stiles and rails
Cambria Bellingham

  A very nice modern update! The cabinets an a new color with the perimeter cabinets being a stain with a wash and the island in a nice warm grey. The cabinets are now to the ceiling adding more cabinet space. The microwave has been moved to the cooking area where it belongs. The island is now a permanent fixture and it has a cooktop. Glass doors for interest and a built-in double oven. There is now a pantry cabinet. The refrigerator and the sink are in the same place, so that is a lot of changes!

  Here you can get a much better view of the glass doors. With the simple design of the door, Diane chose to go without adding mullions. The base cabinets without drawers have roll-out shelves. What a backsaver!

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood, full overlay Carlisle door style with 3” stiles & rails, Perimeter cabinets finished in Antique White with Van Dyke Wash, Island cabinets finished in Stone Brown,
Cambria Bellingham

The soffits have been removed. Makes a big difference in how much storage space is added when that happens. The color has been changed from a dark brown to a nice Antique White, and that really brightens it up. The island is in Stone Brown and that is dark compared to the original. Angled cabinets were used on the end of the run to soften that up.
Before there was no island. We removed the table and added an island. They have 2 stools shown here, but there is room for 4 to sit, so nothing was lost by taking the table out. Plus, this added 2 more cabinets! That’s always a plus when you get more storage space.

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood finished in Nordic White, full overlay Davenport door style with 3” stiles & rails,
Granite Volga Blue

 What a difference here! There are a lot more cabinets in both the cleaning or prep center and in the hutch area. I love the varied depths and heights of the cabinets.
There are only 2 changes here, but to me they are a big deal. The cabinet depth over the refrigerator is as deep as the refrigerator. Now the cabinet is a usable cabinet instead of a behind the catch-all area of the top of the refrigerator. No more clearing of the top of the refrigerator, then getting the step stool and climbing up there to get what ever is there. Then putting everything back.

The second thing is the crown. Crown molding adds such a nice touch. It just looks finished instead of, well, you get the idea. The finished picture also shows under cabinet molding to hide the under cabinet lighting. A very nice but subtle element!

Holiday Kitchens, Oak wood finished in Autumn stain, full overlay Seattle door style with 3” stiles & rails,
Cambria in Bradshaw

  Talk about opening up a room! WOW!! Remove a couple of walls and see what happens? On each side of the island there is a cabinet that opens up on the side.  
  The soffits were removed adding additional storage space. The cabinet over the refrigerator is also 24″ deep. The door style is a nice Shaker door style.  
  The half wall was removed opening up this area. The added cabinets more than made up for the shelving that was there. On the back side of this area, there is a cabinet that opens to the other side. Glass doors add a nice touch.  

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood with Granite stain, Winslow door style with 3” stiles and rails
Cambria Oakmoor

 As you can see the soffits were taken out adding more cabinet space to this kitchen. The peninsula was removed and the island was placed parallel to the sink line of cabinets, making the flow in the kitchen much easier. Pantry cabinets were added, which added tons of new cabinet space. The desk was removed and an under-counter refrigerator and another pantry cabinet was added. The oven and microwave were built into a tall cabinet with storage above and below for cookie sheets and baking pans. The cook-top was placed on the island adding a lot more counter space next to the oven and the sink. There is even a cabinet for the TWO waste cans. They are next to the cooktop. A lot of really good changes were made to this kitchen.