Before and After

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Holiday Kitchens, Quarter Sawn Oak wood with Autumn stain, full overlay Seattle doors
Cambria Hollinsbrook



Grabill Cabinets, Alder wood with Meridian Glaze, full overlay Olde Towne doors
Madura Gold granite

We replaced all of the base and cold storage area cabinets with rich warm chocolate brown cabinets, making the kitchen feel warmer. We were working with a very small kitchen so to keep it looking uniform and not broken up, Diane  put a panel on the dishwasher.
The tall pantry has an opening for the microwave, taking it off the counter top as more room on the counter top was needed. The pantry has 4 roll out shelves in the lower section. There is now a 24″ deep cabinet over the refrigerator, making the space much more user friendly.  The crown molding is much more impressive, yet because the crown itself is so simple, it’s not gaudy.


Grabill Cabinets, Maple wood with Tawny stain, full overlay Shaker doors with 3 1/4″ stiles and rails,
Cambria Sussex

we removed the soffits. The soffits take up a lot of valuable real estate in the kitchen, which means we were able to put in taller wall cabinets. That’s a lot of cabinet space! Do the math! Almost 14 square feet of extra cabinets in just the straight cabinets alone! We also added a diagonal wall cabinet, which adds more storage space as well. The refrigerator was outside of the kitchen area in the dining area. In the new kitchen, the refrigerator, range and microwave are all centrally located. Opening up the kitchen area gave us room to put an island in with an additional seating area. The peninsula was also removed, opening the kitchen area to the more traditional seating area. The cabinet above the refrigerator is usually not good for much. It’s too high to reach over the refrigerator and too far back, but Diane always uses a 24” deep cabinet, saving the day! And why pay good money for a cabinet that’s useless?

The wall with the bricks was definitely changed. The bricks were removed and the wall size was cut down width wise to make it more open to the rest of the home. The double oven and cook top were removed and in its place they chose a stand alone range. The beams were removed from the brick wall and the ceiling.

Grabill Cabinets, Hickory wood with Cusp stain, full overlay Shaker doors with 3 1/4″ stiles and rails,
Granite Netuno Bordeaux

The microwave was so big, it did not look like there was enough room to cook, and if you love to cook, this will not make you happy. We added a cabinet over the sink with glass doors for added texture and an arched valance for interest. We used a nice simple shaker door style, with nice wide stiles and rails (3.25”). The diagonal base cabinet has a nice Super Susan in it and of course over the refrigerator is a nice deep cabinet.

The microwave and the oven were moved to the island with the new built in oven. This also made more room for people to work in both the cleaning section and the baking area. We replaced many of the standard base cabinets with drawers. They are so much easier to look thru and find things than a standard base, where you are getting down on the floor and looking on the bottom shelf. My knees!!

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood with Fog finish with Graphite wash, full overlay Winslow doors with 3″ stiles and rails,
Cambria Torquay

This kitchen went from a darker stain with an arched door panel to a cool Maple Fog stain with a Graphite Wash on the Winslow door with 3″ stiles and rails. The cabinets now go to the ceiling giving more cabinet space and eliminating the dust catcher space above. There is a very sharp looking 2 piece crown molding that really sets off the door style. The desk area now has a higher counter top giving even more storage space. The cabinet above the desk has glass doors giving light, added texture and storage for the pretty things. The refrigerator has side panels for a built in look when coupled with the deep cabinet above the oven for storing cookie sheets and casserole dishes, something that is normally hard to retrieve easily without the added vertical dividers and shelves.

The rack was cute and very functional. But I like the new cabinet better.

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood with Country Hearth Stain, full overlay Lancaster doors with 3″ stiles and rails, the top drawers are slab drawers and the larger bottom drawers have a 5 piece drawer front
Cambria Torquay

Hot tip! 

For updating and getting more cabinet space at the same time: Remove the soffits! There was a really nice pass-thru added that really opened up the kitchen. The oven cabinet at the end, near the patio doors were boxing in the kitchen, so we removed that and put in a wall cabinet with glass doors, adding more texture and making the kitchen feel larger.

The microwave is in the tall cabinet, next to the refrigerator with a lift up door, concealing it when not in use. The island has an angle in the counter top for added interest and an overhang for added seating.

Grabill Cabinets, Maple painted Glacier White, Inset Hampton door with custom modifications
Cambria Torquay


Now here is a change!!The changes in this kitchen are amazing! From a dark stain to a painted white, an arched raised panel to a sleek mission style and last but certainly not least is the change from standard overlay doors to inset doors. The soffits are gone. The floor is now a wood floor. Two peninsulas were removed and now there is an island making the flow so much better!

The entry from the outside is opened up and a very welcoming look with coffee at the door! The refrigerator looks like a forgotten stepchild over here. Diane moved it to increase the efficiency and flow.
The kitchen is now open to the dining room, taking away that feeling of disconnect. After Shot #1 of window and Patio door.
The brick wall is gone. The recessed cook top and oven areas now have work spaces around them. The refrigerator has taken up its new home. Note the built in look of the cabinet over the refrigerator.


Holiday Kitchens, Quarter Sawn Oak wood with Autumn stain, Petersburg full overlay door style with 3” stiles & rails
Cambria Bradshaw

The soffits are out, alotting more space for storage and enough to be able to add glass doors for the pretty things. Because there is no soffit, there is room to add a decent size crown. Here, Diane removed the desk area, so the kitchen area is extended more into the eating area. The baking area now includes the microwave. The pantry cabinet now has 5 roll out shelves.
There was no cabinet over the refrigerator before, but now, with the soffits gone, there is room for a cabinet. Diane likes to utilize a 24″ deep cabinet in this area. So many times you see when people use that area as a catch-all, making the 12″ deep cabinet hardly usable at all.
The microwave is moved to above the built in oven in a tall cabinet. Diane always asks a client what height is most comfortable for them when it comes to the top of the microwave. The square lazy-susanhas been upgraded to a diagonal Super-Susan. The Super-Susan from Holiday Kitchens has a 3/4″ shelf under the upper tier for added strength and stability.

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood with Ivory paint, Petersburg full overlay door style with 3” stiles & rails
Cambria Laneshaw


How open and inviting the new kitchen is!

Here Brian Stevens is looking to see what is in the soffits. Sometimes you can’t remove them. A good builder will always look before giving you a bid. Then there aren’t any surprises down the road.
The desk is now gone, but what a difference in the look and feel! This is a great focal point.

Holiday Kitchens, Character Alder wood with Fireside stain, Seattle full overlay door style with 3” stiles & rails
Cambria Galloway

The kitchen was tucked away in several different areas. The cooking area was set apart with little counter area to the right. The cabinets that hung over the cooktop made you feel detached from the action, whether at the stove or at the very tiny eating area. Standing at the cooktop after the remodel is a whole new experience! You no longer have that feeling of disconnect and claustrophobia. There is plenty of space by the cooktop and 2 additional places to eat.
The soffits take up valuable real estate in a kitchen. By removing them you give yourself more cabinet space and if you like, your pretty things are no longer relegated to a box in the basement, but put on display with glass doors and even lights. Under cabinet lighting is another welcome addition when doing a remodel.
There was an area that had painted cabinets and they didn’t match the others. The kitchen now looks put together and works like a dream. The before and after shots are awe-inspiring.
The wine rack was inaccessible by most adults, but is now reachable. One big difference is the ease with which the drawers open and close.
We added the framework for the new cutout to the dining area, which makes a beautiful frame for the new kitchen.

Holiday Kitchens, Character Alder wood with Fireside stain, Seattle full overlay door style with 3” stiles & rails
Cambria Galloway

Everything about this kitchen changed. Everything. From removing soffits, taking out walls, the floor and backsplash tiles, cabinet color, door style, door overlay, countertop material, appliances, lighting, kitchen flow and work centers. Oh, and the kitchen sink! It’s a copper apron sink. WOW!! The cabinet color went from a medium brown oak to the reddish tinted Alder. The door style was a raised panel and is now a flat panel. Taking the soffits out we could make the cabinets taller and we had more room to add more cabinets. We removed the peninsula and used an island, giving better work flow.

Let’s start with the back entrance to the kitchen. The room was torn out and it’s now open to the kitchen. You can see it in the picture on the right. There is a place for the boots and shoes, coats and purses, hats and packages as you walk in. There is even a place to sit when you take your boots off. How handy is that?
Diane used glass on 2 sides of the cabinet at the end adding visual appeal to the dining area. Also note the soffits are gone, increasing storage space. Look at that copper sink!
The peninsula is removed for better flow in the kitchen. Another interesting feature is the side panel on the refrigerator. Adds a built in look to the appliance. Speaking of appliances, in the island there is a heavy duty lift up shelf for the wieghty mixers, like KitchenAid.
The microwave was moved from over the range to a wall cabinet near by in the beverage center.
The desk area was taken out and replaced with a beverage center. This area actually goes around the corner. The cabinet above the coffee maker that you see will hold a TV for keeping up with all the news. Around the corner is the microwave.

Holiday Kitchens, Oak wood with Autumn stain, Seattle full overlay door style with 3” stiles & rails & 5 piece drawer fronts
Cambria Galloway

This kitchen is another kitchen with many changes. The changes here are also striking because the colors changed so dramatically. The microwave area has now become an area for a double oven, a delight for bakers! An ideal cabinet over the double ovens is a perfect place for putting in vertical dividers for cookie sheets, cutting boards and 9 X 13 baking pans. Resting on their side and divided by a partition makes them all handy to access!
The eating area was tiny and off in the corner. Diane brought this area to a more functional use and brought the diners into the ‘fun center’ of the kitchen. It also allowed for a second pantry cabinet to be placed in the kitchen, and who doesn’t want 2 pantries in the kitchen? The new placement also allowed for a 24″ deep cabinet over the refrigerator.
Gone are the cabinets that cause claustrophobia and tend to make a person feel isolated in the kitchen. As you can see in this shot from outside the kitchen, it really opens it up. Also going from a range (with 1 oven) to a cook top allowed for the cabinet with double 30″ ovens, which you see at the top right. You can also see the second pantry in that same picture.
The knick-knack shelves to the left and right of the sink have been removed allowing for more cabinet space. The arched valance hides the light and the bar of the blinds. It also brings cohesiveness to the cabinets and gives an interesting focal point to this area.

Holiday Kitchens, Cherry wood with Hallmark stain, Oxford full overlay door style with 3” stiles & rails
Cambria Galloway

With the peninsula moved we created a focal point to the wall cabinet by adding glass doors with a matching finished interior. The cabinets ends have been finished with door panels giving this area something beautiful to look at from every angle. Removing the soffit that was over the peninsula opens the area and makes it welcoming instead of dividing it.

The old pantry cabinet was taken out, including the wall space above, it to add more storage space to the cabinet. The cabinet has a decorative door end panel that adds a nice touch.  The crown adds a finished look to the area. It no longer looks like there’s something missing.

Holiday Kitchens, Hickory wood with Hallmark stain, Petersburg full overlay door style with 3” stiles and rails, slab and 5 piece drawer fronts
Granite: Giallo Ornamental

Look at the difference! There is a lot more cabinet storage space by removing the soffits. Changing the design from a peninsula to an island design greatly increases traffic flow. This also added 2 more places to sit and eat.
This update to the hutch area allows for a storage place, yet still has a place for displaying pretty things. Perfect for a phone station. In our showroom we have outlets that have 2 usb ports. You can get them at any hardware or building supply store. This update is more stable and looks more permanent.
You’ll notice that drawers are now used instead of cabinets with shelves. It makes it so easy to see everything. Kind of like a roll out shelf except that with a drawer you have the depth of the drawer to keep everything in.
The corner sink is moved to the center of the island. They decided to go with drawers again where feasible. The waste bin has been put inside a cabinet (to the right of the dishwasher) instead of in the walkway. The desk has been done away with altogether. More and more families are finding this just isn’t a good use of space.

Grabill Cabinets, Maple painted Glacier White, Benchmark full overlay door style,
Cambria Laneshaw

The tile counter-top definitely dates this bathroom, as does the drop in sink and the standard overlay on the cabinets. The layout of the cabinets has also been updated with a cabinet now in the open space. The drawers make everything easier to see and reach with out laying on the floor to access it. I love that square sink!

Holiday Kitchens, Maple painted Nordic White, Seattle full overlay door style with 3″ stiles and rails, 5 piece drawer heads
Cambria Galloway

What a remarkable difference! The shower was torn out, along with the wall you see here, opening up the bathroom.  A separate vanity was placed here, giving more storage space and each person, their own personal area.
See what I mean? This was a very small place to share. The new vanity is the back-saver height, so of course there is more storage space. Having only 1 sink in the cabinet also provides for more storage area, as you don’t have to provide for double the sink space.
The hot tub was pulled out and a nice big, spacious shower was installed! Note the shower step and the top of the half walls are topped with the same material as the counter tops. There is also a seat in the shower made of the same material.

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood with Granite stain, full overlay Winslow door style with 3” stiles & rails,
Cambria Bellingham

Taking out the cabinet over the peninsula and the soffit really opened up this kitchen. Not to mention (as I always do) the added storage space. We didn’t lose that much, as the microwave took up a good portion of the cabinets that are now missing. The range and microwave have been moved to the other side.
What a difference here! The refrigerator has been moved to this wall, giving plenty of area for cold storage. A pantry cabinet was added for much more storage space. The hutch area matches the entire kitchen now.
The range was moved to a different wall, taking the microwave with it, opening this up a lot. This left room for a larger stack of drawers. The dishwasher was moved to this corner, making it easier to use in conjunction with the sink, a necessary element.
The dishwasher is now next to the sink making cleanup so much easier! Each zone of the kitchen triangle should have its own area. When it does, life in the kitchen is so much better!


Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood, Perimeter cabinets are Fog stain & Graphite Wash, Island cabinetry with Stone Brown paint, Winslow door style with 3” stiles and rails
Cambria Bellingham

  A very nice modern update! The cabinets an a new color with the perimeter cabinets being a stain with a wash and the island in a nice warm grey. The cabinets are now to the ceiling adding more cabinet space. The microwave has been moved to the cooking area where it belongs. The island is now a permanent fixture and it has a cooktop. Glass doors for interest and a built-in double oven. There is now a pantry cabinet. The refrigerator and the sink are in the same place, so that is a lot of changes!

  Here you can get a much better view of the glass doors. With the simple design of the door, Diane chose to go without adding mullions. The base cabinets without drawers have roll-out shelves. What a backsaver!

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood, full overlay Carlisle door style with 3” stiles & rails, Perimeter cabinets finished in Antique White with Van Dyke Wash, Island cabinets finished in Stone Brown,
Cambria Bellingham

The soffits have been removed. Makes a big difference in how much storage space is added when that happens. The color has been changed from a dark brown to a nice Antique White, and that really brightens it up. The island is in Stone Brown and that is dark compared to the original. Angled cabinets were used on the end of the run to soften that up.
Before there was no island. We removed the table and added an island. They have 2 stools shown here, but there is room for 4 to sit, so nothing was lost by taking the table out. Plus, this added 2 more cabinets! That’s always a plus when you get more storage space.

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood finished in Nordic White, full overlay Davenport door style with 3” stiles & rails,
Granite Volga Blue

 What a difference here! There are a lot more cabinets in both the cleaning or prep center and in the hutch area. I love the varied depths and heights of the cabinets.
There are only 2 changes here, but to me they are a big deal. The cabinet depth over the refrigerator is as deep as the refrigerator. Now the cabinet is a usable cabinet instead of a behind the catch-all area of the top of the refrigerator. No more clearing of the top of the refrigerator, then getting the step stool and climbing up there to get what ever is there. Then putting everything back.

The second thing is the crown. Crown molding adds such a nice touch. It just looks finished instead of, well, you get the idea. The finished picture also shows under cabinet molding to hide the under cabinet lighting. A very nice but subtle element!

Holiday Kitchens, Oak wood finished in Autumn stain, full overlay Seattle door style with 3” stiles & rails,
Cambria in Bradshaw

  Talk about opening up a room! WOW!! Remove a couple of walls and see what happens? On each side of the island there is a cabinet that opens up on the side.  
  The soffits were removed adding additional storage space. The cabinet over the refrigerator is also 24″ deep. The door style is a nice Shaker door style.  
  The half wall was removed opening up this area. The added cabinets more than made up for the shelving that was there. On the back side of this area, there is a cabinet that opens to the other side. Glass doors add a nice touch.  

Holiday Kitchens, Maple wood with Granite stain, Winslow door style with 3” stiles and rails
Cambria Oakmoor

 As you can see the soffits were taken out adding more cabinet space to this kitchen. The peninsula was removed and the island was placed parallel to the sink line of cabinets, making the flow in the kitchen much easier. Pantry cabinets were added, which added tons of new cabinet space. The desk was removed and an under-counter refrigerator and another pantry cabinet was added. The oven and microwave were built into a tall cabinet with storage above and below for cookie sheets and baking pans. The cook-top was placed on the island adding a lot more counter space next to the oven and the sink. There is even a cabinet for the TWO waste cans. They are next to the cooktop. A lot of really good changes were made to this kitchen.