The New Shabby Chic Display is Finished

Come and see our new display!! It’s so cool! The Holiday Kitchen base cabinets are Character Cherry with a Cocoa finish and the wall cabinets are Maple with a Vineyard finish and a Toffee Glaze. The counter top is Cambria in Harlech. Stop in and see the new display.


This is also a great example of mixing cabinet colors, door and drawer styles, and pulls and knobs. When mixing cabinet colors, keep the lighter color on top. This display does it by making the base cabinets the Cherry Cocoa and the wall cabinets the lighter Vineyard with Toffee Glaze. It also does it by having the shorter wall cabinet have the darker color.

Diane Has a Kitchen in a Coffee Table Book

One of Diane’s kitchens was in the most recent Holiday Kitchens Coffee Table Book. There is also an entertainment center, laundry room and a bath. I’ll show you some of the pictures. Stop in sometime to see the coffee table book.

Come in and take a look at the new book!!

We Have a Baby Foal!!

All is well! Scout Lightening Surprise was born Sunday afternoon, May 7th at 4:30 PM. Josie was there and got to be a part of the big day! We are all very excited!


New Display Coming!!!

Kitchens by Diane is refreshing another vignette of its 19 displays with an eye on trends to improve the overall client experience. All 19 displays in our showroom are fully accessorized to give our clients a warm realistic feeling.

The updating has started and involves a rustic or shabby chic look. The base cabinets are knotty cherry wood with a Cocoa stain on a Mission style door. The hood and the cabinet, which are focal points are Maple painted Vineyard with a nice warm Toffee Glaze. The counter top will be Cambria quartz material in Harlech.


This display will implement such features as a “Magic Corner”, a range top cabinet that has drawers, a sink cabinet with drawers that shows a pipe chase cutout, another cabinet that has wicker baskets instead of shelves. We are also showing a spice rack pullout in a base cabinet and another base cabinet with a microwave built in. There is also a cabinet with a mixer shelf installed. The KitchenAid mixers are a hefty 32 pounds with the bowl. The shelf glides the bowl up to countertop height and locks securely into place.

The updating is something we are always looking at. This is the eighth vignette we have changed in eight years since opening at 6346 E Riverside Blvd in Loves Park.

Adding Cabinets to an Existing Kitchen

Adding cabinets to an existing kitchen can be tricky and you have some choices to make. Diane recently did just that to a home with Grabill Cabinets in the kitchen. Here is the finished job. See if you can tell which cabinets are the new cabinets. And they are not all together. They are spread throughout the kitchen. There are 5 cabinets and 3 major pieces. I’ve probably given too much away!





In the top left picture, it’s the cabinet over the microwave, the arched valance over the sink and the crown molding.

In the top right picture, it’s the 2 cabinets on the left.

In the lower left picture, it’s the 2 open cabinets on each side of the refrigerator (with finished interior), the 2 end panels (which, unfortunately, you can’t see and the crown molding.

In the Lower right picture, it’s the cabinet over the microwave again and to give another perspective of the kitchen.

There was new toe board put in, as well, and a panel on the back of the peninsula, under the counter-top area for eating.

So it can be done. You need to work with a quality cabinet company who can do color matching. If the company you used originally has gone out of business, they will need to be able to replicate the door profiles and edges. This can be expensive, but not as expensive as replacing your entire kitchen. If you need to add or replace a cabinet to your existing kitchen, like a 24″ deep cabinet over your refrigerator, or a cabinet over your range hood or microwave, let us know! As you can see, we can get the job done!! And it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Favorite New Web Page: Before and After

We started a new web page at Kitchens by Diane on the tab Before and After. I’m really excited about this. There are times when a transformation takes place that is fascinating. Sometimes walls are removed, layouts are changed and soffits are eliminated. Sometimes it’s as simple as a fresh new color of cabinets and countertop. I’m sure you’ll find this new page a very resourceful page of dreams for your new kitchen.  Here is a snippet:


 This kitchen went from a darker stain on an arched door panel to a cool Maple Fog finish with a Graphite Wash on the Winslow door with 3″ stiles and rails. The cabinets now go to the ceiling giving more cabinet space and eliminating the dust catcher space above. There is a very sharp looking 2 piece crown molding that really sets of the door style. The hutch area is below. It was hard to get a good shot looking straight at the hutch, so I have a few close-ups included.  Click here.

Enjoy the new page! Keep checking back for new pictures!

No Blush Needed Today

We got another testimonial today, and WOW! It made us feel so good we went and washed our faces! No blush needed today after we read this testimonial from Tom and Georgiann McKenna.

Wouldn’t it be a terrific world if you could buy something, be very pleased with your purchase and fifteen years later be able to have that Company still in existence and able to assist you further? That has been our experience in working with Diane from Kitchens by Diane. Not only did Diane marvelously design, rearrange and transform our farm kitchen, but everything she said would happen did happen with caring and class. Diane really read our desires very clearly and created a kitchen that was far more than we ever expected. Throughout the years, Diane has been available to us as we upgrade again or have to find replacement parts for certain items. Diane’s Company could well be renamed “Caring Service with Quality Products.” Diane treated us as family from beginning to end. What more could you ask for?

Thank you Tom and Georgiann!! We love you, too!

A Fresh New Look

Time goes by so slowly… You know that old song. It’s one of my favorites!! But! When you have a family it really doesn’t go by so slowly. It goes by pretty quick. And all of a sudden your kitchen, the kitchen you love, the kitchen that a lot of memories were made in, has seen it’s better days. Here is a kitchen we just did with photos of the old.



Pickering Traditional Painted  Kitchen 01


Wet Bar

Does this look familiar? For those of you who have been into our showroom, it will. The tall cabinet on the right looks oh so familiar to the cabinet we have in the show room with just some very minor changes.


Inspiration Piece


Final result for the Wet Bar



The inspiration piece on the left is just the beginning of the creation process. The piece inspires you and you take it farther to make the room yours. You end up with this beautiful Wet Bar on the Right.




Displays for Sale

We are putting in a new display and we are so excited!! But in the meantime we must sell the old displays! We are selling these at a ridiculous price just to move them because we are so wanting the new displays in! The first one is an L shaped vanity set. There are 4 cabinets (including the crown) and the Corian countertop for sale.



Haas Cabinetry, full overlay

Hampton Square door style with

5 piece drawer fronts,

Maple wood with a Spice stain.

Corian top is Burled Beach with

Bayside routed edge.

Bisque sink incorporated with

counter top.



WoodPro, The Premier Line,

Heirloom Collection,

Shaker door style, Burgundy Cherry,

Matching wood top from WoodPro


Vessel sink and Brizo faucet not included





WoodPro, The Classic Line

Coventry Collection

Prestige door style, full overlay,

Natural Maple with Chocolate Glaze


Counter top and faucet not included.

Our Display is Finished!

Our display is finished and we couldn’t be happier! Holiday Kitchens did an incredible job. We used the new color that they have out ‘Stone Brown’ on the Carlisle door for the base cabinets. The wall cabinets are Antique White on the Davenport door style and the glass doors have the double eclipse mullion style.

Our new Beverage Center!

Our new Beverage Center!

Here is a close up of the wall and base cabinets.

Davenport Door Style, glass doors with mullions are double eclipse

Davenport Door Style, glass doors with mullions are double eclipse

New Color

Carlisle door style in the Stone Brow

Galloway color from Cambria

Galloway color

Here is the latest and greatest from Cambria. It’s a new color with a whole new style. The Galloway color with a 6 centimeter Cornice edge. Talk about making a statement!

Another option for the Lazy Susan Cabinet

Another option for the base corner lazy susan cabinet are in-fold doors. The doors are attached to the lazy susan and when you open it the doors slide inside the cabinet. They are out of the way. This is really slick. Here’s how it works.

Lazy Susan Infold Doors

The doors slide together,

Lazy Susan Infold Doors

Then slide inside the cabinet, staying out of the way.








Lazy Susan Infold Doors

How the cabinet looks when closed.

Note that you can open to the left or to the right.

That Corner Cabinet: What to do? What to do?

There are more decisions to be made than you think when it comes to that corner cabinet. We’ll look first at that 36” X 36” corner cabinet that is 24” deep. It does depend on your layout, but if both choices are available the first question to answer is diagonal or square?

Diagonal corner cbt Square corner cbt







As you can see, using the square takes a little chunk out of the Susan, but sometimes it’s necessary if there is an appliance next to the cabinet.

Some companies have the shelves of the Susan separate, so they spin independently. When this is done, depending on the company, the upper shelf can be placed on a solid shelf.

The shelves can be made of wire, plastic or wood. Even within that subset, there can be different grades. Depends on the company you’re going to go with. Here at Kitchens by Diane, our companies, Grabill Cabinets and Holiday Kitchens, use a better grade of materials. You don’t have to worry.

Cambria Announces New ‘Coastal Collection’

Cambia 2462_Galloway_DesignLaunch_EM.163413

The newest collection from Cambria captures the essence of the sea off the craggy coast of Wales. The Coastal Collection is a masterful clashing of rock, sand and water. It churns and moves as dramatically as the changing tide. The natural stone surfaces in this collection lure the imagination. Here is the link to view the new color and the beginning of the Coastal Collection.


Microwaves in tall cabinets

In the tall cabinets, you can put it over an oven, an oven and a warming drawer or by itself.


Carlson Tim Kris  06-02-11 - 009Kitchen Remodel Modern Kitchen 2653 020



Both of these microwaves have what is called a trim kit, to give it that built in look.





Roggensack DSCF4752Roggensack DSCF4751

Here is a microwave set in a tall cabinet without the trim kit, but it has a door that lifts up to hide it when not in use.

Speaking of doors, there are a couple of options for doors, as well. You can also have entertainment center type doors, where you push them back into the cabinet. There is also a sliding concealed door, that lifts up and slides back into the cabinet. We have this in the showroom. Come in and see it.